IconMasterXP is a versatile app. It fully supports alpha transparency mask (also known as PNG mask), it can convert pictures into multi-paged icons, it has an easy to use batch-processing interface and supports Windows® Vista/7/8 icon format.

There is a whole set of special effects such as gamma, light, contrast, soften/sharpen, color balance etc. It can do geometric operations (rotate/resize) supporting five supersampling algorithms which you can use without breaking your alpha (or PNG transparency) mask. Besides 32-bit pictures, other types are supported (24, 8, 4 and 1 bpp) with editable palette and color dithering - it can downgrade or upgrade image bit-depth. It is designed for anyone who works with .ICO files from software developers to digital graphic designers.

Above image perfectly illustrates the difference between IconMasterXP and most tools out there that convert graphics into Windows® icons. IconMasterXP may not have hundreds of features, support thousands of formats, let you change your desktop icons or do hundreds of other useless things but for those things it does do, it does them right.

List of supported formats:

Format Import Export
PNG Yes Yes
ICO Yes Yes
GIF Yes No
PSD Yes No
TIF Yes Yes
TGA Yes Yes
PCX Yes Yes
TGA Yes Yes
WMF Yes Yes (if WMF source only)
EMF Yes Yes
JPG, JP2 Yes Yes

Why is it different from the rest of the bunch?

IconMasterXP converts both-ways, it fully supports alpha transparency mask (in PNG, PSD and ICO formats), it can create multi-paged icons and has easy to use batch-processing interface. It supports changing bit-depth format of images, you can create an icon that supports all bpp formats. Very few (or no) converters out there support ICO and PNG alpha transparency mask and bit-depth varieties like this one does.

It is also an exellent icon testing platform by letting you change backgrounds and use quick-zoom feature to check your icons up-close. Its versatility is something that separates it from other similar tools - with this one you can even work your photos and other graphics, it's not just another 'png to ico' converter utility. It's fast enough to quickly resize and retouch photos that you drag from your 20MP digital SLR.

Don't take our word for any of this, just download and try the app for yourself. Give it a chance for 20 days and if you find it useful for your work, buy the full version!

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